Tuesday Open Thread: The Bright Shimmer

Here’s today’s open thread. Items up for discussion:

  • I specifically want to hear from people who think the Colts should draft Luck AND keep Manning. I want to know two things. First, explain how long you think that situation should go on. Second, explain why you think that’s a good idea…what it accomplishes. How does it make the Colts better in the short run? I’m on record saying it’s the only mistake that can be made and that it makes absolutely no sense. I’d like to hear from the other side.
  • We’ve talked about fast rebuilds before, but something to consider is that the Colts won’t be in “salary cap hell”. This is usually the factor that slows down rebuilds. If the Colts do cut Manning, they’ll likely clear out Wayne, Saturday, and Brackett at least with little to know cap damage. The only big money damage to deal with would Dwight Freeney, He’s slated to make around $19 million next year, but only about $5 million is bonus money to be accounted for if cut. Indy has plenty of room to work with even if they keep Freeney and Mathis (which the should regardless of anything else). Point being, that what slows down rebuilds is lots of dead money and jacked up salary caps. In the worst case scenario of having to cut Peyton, Indy would actually have a lot of free cap space.  In other words, things really aren’t that bad.
  • The Fort Wayne book signing is likely going to be at Buckets from 5-6:30. I’ll confirm and post on it later today.