Tuesday Open Thread: Other Ways to Skin A Cat

Welcome to today’s open thread. Here’s some fodder to get the ball rolling and the metaphors thoroughly mixed:

  • I’m not going to ask you to come up with a better halftime act for the Super Bowl than Madonna, there would be no end to the choices. Instead, feel free to name a worse choice. I’m going to go with either the Baha Men or maybe like Chumbawamba. Actually, those groups would generate some enthusiasm for like one song at at least.
  • Baltimore, Pittsburgh, or New England are going to play in the Super Bowl. Are we prepared for this? These teams all suck.
  • Finally, thoughts and opinions on Indy taking one of the middle routes in the draft. Instead of taking Luck and keeping Manning, they realize that Luck will never consent to sit for two years (as he shouldn’t). So they deal the Luck pick for the King’s ransom. But, they take a quarterback later in the first round or early second. Who would you want? Would you like that scenario. Personally, I don’t see the point in taking an inferior player at QB, but if the value for Luck is higher than your opinion of his potential, you have to consider a move like that.

Have at it.