Tuesday Open Thread: Moving On

Here’s today’s open thread.

Possible topics of discussion:

  • I did a quick down and dirty look at the idea of NOT taking Luck in favor of the second best QB. Going back to 1990, the first overall QB was a clear winner 6 times, the second one 4 times, 4 times it is a toss up, and 4 times they both ended up sucking horribly. Half of the time the second guy ended up better he was drafted significantly later than the first guy (Rodgers/Smith and Brees/Vick). Two other times the 2nd guy was better it was Dilfer over Shuler and McNabb over Couch. There were a few Ryan/Flacco, Stafford/Sanchez, McNair/Collins, Manning/Rivers/Roethlisberger pairings out there that were just too close to call.  After looking at it, I can basically say I’d rather not go the ‘2nd best QB’ route.
  • Schaub is on IR. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? No sane person can aruge the 2011 Colts don’t make the playoffs if Peyton had been healthy. If you think you can, please do so here. It’s an open thread after all.
  • Readers in Fort Wayne: I want to have a book signing on December 3rd. Give me times and places that you think would work, please!  Thanks to everyone who came out last night to the Colts Grille! It was a lot of fun.

Have at it.