Tuesday Open Thread: Kerry On

Today’s Open Thread is brought to you by Saturday, Brackett, Wayne, and Addai who played their guts out on Sunday. John Updike in his farewell to Ted Williams wrote about how a man plays “when there is nothing at stake but the tissue thin difference between a thing done well and a thing done ill.”

As Chris S. pointed out to me, that’s what those guys did in the second half on Sunday.

More good news before I let you have at it:

KeepCalmKerryOn.com is alive!

In about 24 hours, you’ll be able to buy a super sweet T-shirt there.

For now, it’s a link back to my public service announcement on Saturday.

Here’s a high rez copy of the image. If you want to print out a sign, please do so with our permission. If you want to use it any way you can think of that doesn’t involve selling it, you have our permission. Wallpapers, avatars, anything personal…go fo it! As long as you don’t sell it, we want you to use it. If you use it on a blog or site, obviously, please link to KeepCalmKerryOn.com (or 18to88.com). 

I’ll be passing out sweet window signs downtown this evening to local businesses. Feel free to run one off for your own business with my compliments. They print out BEAUTIFULLY. Feel free to join the campaign and if you are into coming out downtown today, email me or tell me in the comments.

More details on the shirts to come tonight or tomorrow AM.

Open Thread away….