Toughest Losses Updated

It’s done.

I’ve updated the 18 Toughest Losses list. 

That ruined my morning.  Thanks.

The Colts have had a brutal 14 months.  There were seven different games in the last 22 that merited serious consideration for the list of the 18 Toughest Losses in Colts history.

In the end, only the Super Bowl and playoff losses made the list, but I did update the ‘Dishonorable Mentions’ to include the Jets game last year and then the four brutal losses in the regular season this year, several of which still haunt me.  I’ll eventually take arguments to move some of them up, but for now we’ll let them percolate a little.

I’ll also take arguments that the Super Bowl loss should be higher than fourth, and by that I mean third.  The top two spots are absolutely non-negotiable.

Also making the list was a game that I had ironically forgotten from 1992. The details of it were so horrible that I was literally sick reading about it.  An overtime loss to an 0-9 team (playing a rookie QB making his first start) that involves two pick sixes and an OT interceptions for a 9-7 team that just missed the playoffs?  Yeah, that has to make the list.