Tom Moore Moves On

It’s a sad day. The football world has woken up to the fact that Tom Moore is no longer on the Colts’ staff.  The venerable coach served as a senior assistant, a sort of offensive coordinator emeritus, in 2010.  He is 72 years old but expressed a desire to keep coaching.  Paul Kuharsky of ESPN has done the digging and has found that Moore seems to be no longer in the employ of the Colts.

Moore was named one of’s ‘Classic Colts’ for his years of service to the team.  He functioned in a reduced role last season, and there’s no reason to believe his departure will cripple the offense, but it is a day that bears marking. Slowly, the long tenured coaching staff that served under Tony Dungy is being replaced.  This is normal for the NFL, and in fact it was the Colts’ stability for so many years that was aberrant.

Still, the architect of the only offense Peyton Manning has run as a professional is gone.  Colts fans should wish him well and be grateful for his years of humble service.  The quiet nature of the dismissal is confusing, to be sure, but any speculation as to why the Colts didn’t announce the move is just that, speculation.