Tickets Through the Floor

Just today someone asked me at work, “Nate, let me know when tickets get super cheap.”

I said, “Like $20?”

He replied, “Like $10.”

I laughed.

I shouldn’t have.

With the loss of Peyton Manning, ticket prices in Indy have dropped 34% since the season began, the largest drop in prices of all teams in the league. At the moment I’m writing this, there are tickets to the Texans game going for as low as $15.

And now thanks to TiqIQ’s new “Pick Your Price” feature you can save even more for their next home game vs the Falcons on 11/6. Grab up to four 100-level (3-star) tickets together in the Endzone and make an offer. Normally, these seats go for $104 each, but not you can make an offer of $75 and save over 25% with no added fees. Offer ends soon so pick your price now before it’s too late.

Now’s the time to buy, especially for late season games. If Peyton does come back, the demand and the price could skyrocket.