Thursday Open Thread: Most Wins Edition

A couple of topics to consider for today’s open thread:

  • Reader Zach L. wanted to remind everyone how good the Colts have been since 1998. He ran down the records of all 32 teams since Peyton Manning was drafted. The Colts have the most wins and the fewest losses over that span. He just wanted to remind everyone of all the good times.
  • Westside Rob wants me to remind everyone that Andrew Luck is only about a 50/50 proposition. Other readers have pointed out how utterly disingenuous it is to call him the biggest sure thing since Manning, because history tells us that Manning wasn’t considered a sure thing at the time. Evaluating young quarterbacks is tough. Look at Sam Bradford. Just two months ago, the Rams were considered to be the next big thing. Now they are clearly the worst team in the NFL. I’ve said it before: I’m not in favor of going with Luck should the opportunity arise, but it’s not my first choice
  • No film study this week, because honestly, I couldn’t think of anything interesting enough from Sunday’s game to watch. Looking up 10 plays where the Colts got no pass rush might have caused me to gauge my eyes out.
  • I find it odd that suddenly Tressel will have more responsibilities than just replay. I’ve reluctantly jumped ship on Caldwell, but Tressel would be a nightmare far, far worse. Tressel is so conservative he makes McCarthy look liberal. And no, not Mike McCarthy…Joseph.
  • For those who missed the release on Twitter last night, here’s a sneak peak at the cover of Invincible, Indiana. My novel will be released on November 1st. You’ll see ordering information as soon as next week. We are also hoping to do a special viral pre-release of the book on .pdf for free. Yes, I’m going to encourage some piracy. News about that soon.

As always, these are just starters. Discuss whatever you want, and don’t forget to enter the Colts Grille Contest while you are at it.  There are several strong contenders for funniest, but no one is grabbing me on ‘best’ yet.

Have at it.