Thursday Open Thread: Lucky, Lucky, You’re So Lucky

Here’s today’s Open Thread. Topics of discussion include:

  • How good would Manning and/or Luck have to be to justify keeping either one? Reader Bob Mangino tried to guestimate some numbers. Think about the problem like this: regardless of which side of the Luck/Manning divide you sit, how could would the other have to be before you’d be convinced to change sides?
  • Let’s say it looks like the Colts are going to try and keep Manning and take Luck. Andrew Luck then lets it be known he won’t stand for it and demands to be traded. How would you feel about Luck and why? Honestly, I’d judge him if he DIDN’T do that. Any QB with any leverage who willing chose to come and sit behind a Hallf of Famer for three or four years isn’t worth the number one pick in my book. I suspect most fans would vilify him. I always support athletes using leverage to get what they want. If I were Luck’s dad, I would tell him absolutely not to go to Indy if Peyton Manning was there. Archie did it with Eli when Brees was in San Diego, and he was absolutely right to do so.
  • Imagine you got hired by the Colts to conduct the Combine interview. What do you ask him? First words out of my mouth would be, “You’ll never be as good Peyton Manning.” His reaction would tell me a lot about whether to draft him. He’s going to hear that a lot if he comes to Indy, so he’d better have thought about it. If he looks me in the eye and says, “No. You’re right. I’m going to be better.” Then I draft him. If he gets brittle and defensive, I worry.
  • If you are interested in having me come do a signing at your local high school basketball game, send me an email. I’ll give $5 per book sold to your athletic department or booster club. It’s a great fund raiser!

Have at it.