Thursday Open Thread-Farewell Gary Brackett

Here’s your Open Thread for today.

Topics include:

  • Gary Brackett is done for the year, and possibly for good. Which Colts from this era are going into the Ring of Honor.  I count 3 or 4 on defense and 5 or 6 on offense. Care to guess?
  • Melvin Bullitt had the same exact season as last year. Bad play followed by injury. I told you all off-season Indy needed a safety and he wasn’t the answer. Unfortunately, there was never any good solution available, but still. This was inevitable.
  • Justin Tryon got cut. My take: it’s serious weirdness for sure. All indications were he was in Caldwell’s dog house, but his tweets made it seem otherwise. I have no idea what’s going on. I do think that it’s hilarious that Colts fans automatically think the Patriots will pick up every crappy player Indy cuts. The same tweets people are tweeting for Tryon they tweeted for Tommie Harris (who obviously Indy doesn’t really need) and Ed Johnson a year ago. Tryon was a solid player. Maybe he was the second best corner on a Cover-2 team with weak corners. He’s also going to be on his third team in three years. I won’t be surprised to see him languish out there. I don’t know what’s going over there, but if Caldwell isn’t making these calls, then he’s got to go. Ultimately, however, it’s not a huge deal. Tryon isn’t that good. He’s just a guy.