Thursday Afternoon Links

I’m on vacation, so I’m not writing any original content for a few days, so here are some of the best links floating around this Thursday:

  • Bucky Brooks is 100% wrong on the issue of Mathis/Wayne. Wayne is older than Mathis and plays a position that doesn’t age well. If the Colts have to chose between the two players, Mathis is the only choice. Paying Wayne won’t ensure continuing Wayne’s level of production. He’s too old to do keep going at the same rate. Poorly done by Brooks.
  • A debate on the best QB since 2000. I love the B.S. chart that lists Manning’s ‘career’ passer rating v. Brady’s from 2000-2010. They did that to make it look close. Chopping off 1998 bumps Manning’s rating dramatically. Again, badly done by
  • Finally, we need an NFL version of this (tip to Matt)