The Speed of Tweet

Today is the calm before the free agency storm, so allow me to make one more plea to all of you to make sure to follow on Twitter.

The fact is that in this instant information environment, news moves too fast for even a blog to handle. Stories and rumors materialize and execute so fast that often I don’t even have time to respond on before the news is already gone. 

Big news (like the Colts reaching a deal with Manning) merits a whole story, but if you want to follow the undulations of every tidbit Twitter is the place to be.

I know how it feels waiting for a new article. Refreshing a page every few hours, endless checking the RSS feed for a new nugget.  Twitter is quickly replacing that.

Maybe you’ve held off on joining Twitter because you think of it like Facebook. You don’t want to read endless status updates about the minutia of people’s lives of quiet desperation.  Take heart, Twitter isn’t that. Well, it can be that, but doesn’t have to be.

For example, I follow all the members of the Professional Football Writers Association. Anytime any of the best football writers in the country have a scoop or a story, I hear about it.  Twitter is the new first line of news. News breaks on Twitter before it does on the radio or TV. It frequently beats blogs and websites. Waiting to see it in tomorrow’s paper has gone the way of the Flintstones.

Personally, I use Twitter as a mini-version of Reading my Twitter feed requires no special registration. You don’t have to be on Twitter to read the Twitter page. The good part about actually having an account is that it allows you to respond directly and join in the conversation. Twitter is the ultimate ‘open thread’.

Stories are going to be cascading all around us this week. will be there to cover most of them. 18to88 on Twitter will catch the ones that slip through the cracks.