The Marvin Harrison Project

In honor of Marvin Harrison’s induction to the Colts Ring of Honor on Sunday, I’d like to announce my next major book project.

Beginning at the end of this season, I’ll begin work on The Marvin Harrison Project.

The Marvin Harrison Project will be a comprehensive statistical study comparing Harrison to every wide receiver in the Hall of Fame as well as every significant wideout of the last 20 years.

The goal is to create a document that will be put in the hands of all 44 NFL Hall of Fame voters.

The project has been necessitated due to a long string of comments by Peter King expressing doubt as to Harrison’s Hall of Fame chances. Rather than leave it up to the vagaries of the voters, I’ve decided to produce the most comprehensive comparison of wide receivers possible.

The Marvin Harrison project will be similar in nature to articles I’ve written before comparing Harrison to other elite receivers.

The goal will be to compare Harrison to all receivers, regardless of era, using comparative metrics based on league norms and averages. My goal is to create league baselines against which Harrison can be better compared to receivers who played decades before.

Marvin Harrison should be a no-question first ballot Hall of Famer, and I’m not content merely to make the argument. As much as I am able, I hope to take matters into my own hands and give the voters no excuse but to enshrine Harrison. I’ve convinced that the results will show Harrison to be vastly superior almost every wideout of his era, and comfortably in the top 10 most effective and important wideouts of all time.

This project is partly why the announcement yesterday was so important. I expect to dive into this in the offseason, and simply have to have the time to focus and dedicate to this project. When it is done, I will publish the results and will offer it for sale, though the main goal will be just to offset printing and shipping costs for the 44 Hall of Fame voters. I hope this makes the end of a lot easier to swallow. Again, the end result will not be ‘Nate writes less’, but rather ‘Nate writes a lot more’.

The goal of the project: ensure the voters have all the facts when it comes time to vote. My goal is that the discussion on Harrison would be short, sweet, and definitive. Armed with the data, no one will have much choice to make. Harrison will arrive in Canton on the first ballot.

If you are interested in helping with research, please contact me. This project has the potential to be one of the most important research studies of wide receivers ever done, and could have ramifications well beyond Harrison’s case. The most challenging part will be to create the historical baseline metrics, so if you have ideas or are willing to do any background research, please contact me. The project will begin in January.

It’s an ambitious project to be sure, but if I can help Harrison get to Canton in any small way, it would be incredible. This project should not even be necessary, but Peter King seems to think it is.