The Joys of Madden 08

Reader Brad Cobb sends in this gem about Madden 08, which is the last version of Madden available for PC. 

Madden 08 for PC can be downloaded from (a licensed EA Sports vendor) for $9.95.  I get no money from them, in fact they got $9.95 from me!

The Top Ten Reasons Why Madden 08 (the last Madden game to be released on PC) Rocks for Colts fans!

10. You can trade for Zack Crockett and have a REAL fullback.

9. Corey Simon can be traded before he mysteriously retires.

8. You can cut Tony Ugoh BEFORE he stinks up the joint.


6. Tarik Glenn is nice and decides to stick around 6 more seasons.

5. Tom Brady’s picture in-game is about as effeminate as it gets.

4. Brett Favre stays retired!

3. Quinn Pitcock comes to training camp in year 2.

2. The Patriots sign free-agent kicker Mike Vanderjagt, 8 times out of 10.

1. No Jim Caldwell, no Curtis Painter, but you get one last glorious season with 18 throwing to 88.

Honorable Mentions

1. The local Indy paper in-game does not employ someone named Kravitz.

2. You know when to draft Peyton’s replacement, because he retires after the 2013 season.

3. Booger McFarland has a long, all-pro career in Indy.

4. The Patriots are ALWAYS willing to trade their 1st, 2nd, and 4th draft picks in exchange for your 1st rounder during the season (even in week 17 when they are 2-14 and you are 13-3).

5. The RCA Dome is still home.

6. The evil coach in New England is known only as “NE Coach” in the game (he is the only coach who is not named).

7. Bob Sanders stays healthy!

8. A couple Colts players apparently undeserving of mention are just named HB #30 and LOLB #55.

9. Only in Madden can you lose a game and then have the local paper quote Tony Ugoh as saying, “when I don’t play, we lose.  It’s that simple!”

10. The ability to negotiate a deal with Peyton Manning without Tom Condon.

Thanks, Brad.  Great stuff.