The Future of 18to88

The season is over, but life here at will continue.

I’ve recently agreed to continue the site at least through the 2011 season.  There are never any guarantees in life, but the site is finally beginning to turn a small profit, so for at least one more season, 18to88 will continue to exist.  The long term viability of the site, which has become a hobby on steroids, depends on revenue generation.   We’ll continue trying to work out the balance between revenue generation and annoying everyone with ads.  It’s a fine line.  As always, I appreciate your feedback on these things.  For instance, I’m violently against popup ads, so when you get hit with one here, please note what product it’s for and write me.  I’ll work on putting a stop to it.

This offseason you find a new emphasis on the NFL Draft.  I’m not a draft guy, and I don’t watch college football, but Jesse Nocon and Joe Baker are.  They’ll be flooding you with bios and updates on all things draft related. Please direct all draft questions to them.

Tomorrow, I’ll go through the roster and talk about who stays and who goes in 2011.  After that, I’ll start updating the Fixtures articles.

The offseason is a great time for in-depth research and long form articles, so if I’ve promised you to look into an issue in the offseason, drop me a line and remind me.  It’s the offseason, and I’ve got months to fill!

The goal in the offseason is to have at least one major post every day, Monday-Friday.  As the staff grows, I think we’ll be able to do better than that.  I’ll be taking a vacation in a few weeks, and won’t post, but the rest of the staff will have you covered.  I’m hoping to cut back a little without jeopardizing content, as I’ll be working another book (not sports related).

Finally, the long promised new commenting system is closer than ever.  I hate our commenting system and am well aware of all the flaws.  The network is testing a new system on several blogs, and when the bugs are ironed out, we’ll see it here at

The future of depends on a continually growing and vibrant community.

I’m glad you are here.  I hope you stay.

The season is over, the fun keeps going…