The Comeback King

Another can’t miss link to start off Friday:

Peyton Manning is about to break the record for most comebacks and game winning drives.

It’s an issue we’ve brought up before, thanks to the work of the fine folks over at, and this fine follow-up piece deserves your attention.

For whatever reason, the real list of comebacks and game winning drives continues to fraught with ridiculous bureaucracy stemming from the fact that each team writes its own rules on how to count games.

In reality, Dan Marino (not John Elway) is the real title holder in both categories, but Manning is right behind him.

For nearly two years you could find this data, plus fourth quarter comebacks, which Elias does not use, on for every quarterback. The addition of a league source publishing a list that shows Dan Marino as the record holder would strengthen my case for the need to standardize these statistics. Of course, Elias has always been on the money when it comes to GWDs, but unfortunately people have not embraced their numbers for some reason. To open a can of worms, that includes the NFL themselves, who still allow a phrase like “John Elway’s NFL record 47 comebacks” to be used in NFL Films productions and on the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s website.

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