The Boldest Colts Fan of All

Michael Hopson is name you might not recognize.

Michael Hopson’s face is one you’ll never forget.

This weekend I had the privilege of interviewing Colts super-fan Michael Hopson who is working on behalf of Guinness to spread the word about their Boldest Fan contest. The contest is in conjunction with the NFL Hall of Fame, and 10 lucky fans will get their own Hall of Fame Bronze bust of their own face.

I don’t know that anyone can be quite as bold as Michael, but if you give it a try, you just might win big.

For the record, I don’t drink beer at all.

I do drink Guinness. When it comes to libations, it’s my only choice. (At the end of the day, I’m still Irish.)

We met Michael over at Blue Crew and had a blast talking football with him. He’s the nicest guy in the world, and has an infectious spirit. Five minutes with him, and you are ready to go lay block or make a tackle. As we prepared for the interview, we had several people come up and want pictures with him. He regularly appears around town on behalf of various charities. This guy is as 100% legit as they come. I’ve been called a passionate person and a huge Colts fan, but when it comes to raw energy and positivity, he has me whipped.  What you see in the video is exactly what we got for about 40 minutes from Michael. He’s the same on camera and off.

He’s bold…to put it mildly.

Be sure not to miss this amazing interview. Be sure to check out our archive of video interviews as well.

Special thanks as always to Chad Braham for his video work. Chad works for WORD on Cancer.