The Fantasy League Returns

The massive 20 team 18to88 Fantasy League is back for 2011!

Every year, we conduct our own brutal fantasy league with 20 teams and intense scoring. 18to88 readers compete for prizes and bragging rights.

The main league will award the following prizes:

1st place: a chance to attend a 2012 preseason game with me and Luke.

2nd place: an autographed copy of Blue Blood or the soon to be released Invincible, Indiana (winner’s choice)

3rd place: an official program from Super Bowl XLI

This year, I am also running a second league with more conventional rules. First prize is a spot in next year’s 20 team league.The second league is run in conjunction with NJFFL.

If you are interested in a spot in either league (you can only be in one), please email me at*.

The 20 team league has a live draft on August 31st at 6:45 PM. If you can’t participate in the live draft, don’t ask to be in the league, please.

Spaces are limited, so send in your application now.

*If you were in the 20 team league last year and placed in the top 10, you have a spot in this year’s league as well. You should have already received an email from me. If you think you are owed a spot and didn’t get an invite, let me know. If I placed you on the waiting list last year, email me and remind me. You’ll get a spot this year.