Teams to watch this fall

The other day on a forum I frequent I found a thread titled “2016 Presidential Primaries”, I immediately realized exactly how many fellow Colts fans must feel about my draft geekery. I read the thread anyway, and it was interesting, even if I was puzzled throughout how someone cared this early. Luckily with college football season right around the corner (well, less than 2 months away) we can start getting practical. College football is fun in it’s own right, but most of the time there won’t be a game with a clear rooting interest. Gambling is one way to make things interesting, but watching prospects is another with more certain rewards. Based off of pre-draft rankings, early mock drafts, the Colts tendencies and potential holes, here are a some teams and prospects to keep an eye on.

Oklahoma: The Sooners feature popular “win now” and “build for the future” picks in Ryan Broyles and Landry Jones as well as a potential mid round steal in Travis Lewis. Broyles is an extremely productive WR with excellent route running and hands, but without the size or blazing speed of an early 1st rounder. Jones is a potential top 10 pick, but if he comes out early after an unspectacular year he could be in Indy’s range (though I still think it’s early for a QB of the future). Lewis is a very athletic and well rounded linebacker, but a little on the light side (6’2″ 233lbs), if he has a down year he could slip into the late 3rd where Indy has taken pure OLBs in the past.

Miami (Fl): Indy doesn’t usually take underclassmen, but Miami has two good ones at positions the Colts could definitely be looking to address in 2012. DT Marcus Forston has the size and strength for the 1-tech, but where he goes in the draft will depend a lot on how disruptive he is this season. Safety Ray Ray Armstrong is a freak of nature flying around the field at 6’4″ 220lbs, but he’ll need to produce this fall to show he’s more than just a raw product.

Texas A&M: WR Jeff Fuller is a favorite of the early mockers and not a bad fit. Good size and hands, though his routes will really benefit from another year of refinement and he hasn’t been very dangerous after the catch. RB Cyrus Gray and CB Coryell Judie are both a bit on the small side, but have the talent to be early picks.

The entire Big 10: Indy has shown a strong liking for Big 10 prospects, likely due to a combination of being easier to scout thoroughly being closer to Indy and having much of it’s talent in very pro style systems. Jerel Worthy (DT, Michigan State), Alfonzo Denard (CB, Nebraska), Mike Brewster (C, Ohio State), Riley Reiff (OT, Iowa), Mike Adams (OT, Ohio State), Kirk Cousins (QB, Michigan State) and Peter Konz (C, Wisconsin) are all B1G prospects that could merit consideration from Indy early.

Two-fer Games: Ohio State @ Miami 9/17,   Texas A&M @ Oklahoma  11/5,  The whole Big Ten conference slate