Sundays with Johnny

Jersey Johnny and Matt Hicks will be doing their show weekly from 12-2, Sundays on 1070 The Fan all off season.

I’ve been invited to to appear regularly.  I’ll be on today at 1 PM.

Unrelated note:  the Colts are likely to franchise Manning as a precursor to contract negotiations.

This isn’t a surprise, and they did the same thing back in 2004 after his first MVP season.  It’s just to make sure he doesn’t go anywhere.  There has been some debate/confusion over whether the Colts would have this option available depending on the new CBA, but because they haven’t gotten a deal done, the tag is still an option.

Lest anyone freak out or read too much into things, this is a normal step and not a sign of any problems.  It’s a good thing.

UPDATEHere’s the interview, sent to me by a reader.

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