St. Vincent’s Sports Performance Helps Colts Prepare for Season

With the lockout separating NFL players from team trainers and strength and conditioning coaches, players have had to seek alternate arrangements to stay in shape and rehab from injuries. 

One of the most popular local venues for athletic training and rehab has stepped in to fill the void.  St. Vincent’s Sports Performance is working with several members of the Colts to help prepare them for the 2011 season.

Our video crew met with director Ralph Reiff who shared with us just how St. Vincent’s Sports Performance is helping out.  This is a fascinating video with filled with great insights into how players are dealing with the complications of the lockout.  Mr. Reiff shares excellent insights into how St. Vincent’s Sports Performance is helping players get fit and get and stay healthy in the offseason.

My thanks to Mr. Reiff as well as to Nate Manhanan and Chad Braham for their excellent work.

Nate and Chad both work for Women’s Oncology Research and Dialogue (WORD on Cancer).  You can follow WORD on Twitter.