Shake’s Mock Draft v1

With the draft order nearly set and college all-star games in full swing it’s time to take the leap from only tracking/criticizing mock drafts to making one of my own.

1. Carolina (2-14): Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn
A breakout year from DE Charles Johnson and signs of life from young DEs Everette Brown and Greg Hardy puts Carolina in great position to build a very dangerous DL for new head coach Ron Rivera.

2. Denver (4-12): Patrick Peterson, CB/FS, LSU
With Champ Bailey possibly on the way out of Denver and talking about a position change even if he does stay an elite, versatile DB like Peterson is exactly what Denver needs behind what should be a much improved pass rush with the return of Elvis Dumervil.

3. Buffalo (4-12): Marcel Dareus, DE, Alabama
Buffalo ranked dead last in adjusted line yards, last in % of runs stuffed, 31st in 2nd level yards, but 13th in open field yards. The back 7 can bring a runner down, but the DL is getting blown off the ball so badly by the time they can do so, the damage is already done.

4. Cincinnati (4-12): A.J. Green, WR, Georgia
Maybe a young, sane, stud WR will stop Carson Palmer from running away from this team screaming as he seems set to do. At the least it’ll make it less likely his replacement quickly follows Palmer out the door.

5. Arizona (5-11): Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska
Prince should round out a pretty nice secondary with DRC, Adrian Wilson and Kerry Rhodes. The QB spot will still be a disaster barring a move for a veteran FA, but none of the highly touted QBs are all that Pro-ready.