There are a pile of articles in my “Daily Links” trove today, and several deserve extended comment.  Because there isn’t any pressing football issues to discuss, let’s take them all one by one.

  • Last week, Bob Kravitz chimed in on the Ohio State issue, imploring us all to remember the value of a college education. Here’s the problem with people discussing the ‘value’ of an education: they typically reference the cost.  Cost and value are NOT the same thing. The price of college has been skyrocketing in the last thirty years, well beyond the cost of inflation. It’s easy to argue that college may be the most overpriced ‘commodity’ in the United States. For some students, a ‘free’ education is completely worth the money. For others, it simply isn’t. Not everyone should be in college nor does everyone have the requisite skills to take advantage of the opportunity.  Just because something is expensive doesn’t make it valuable. Just because a school charges tens of thousand of dollars a year doesn’t mean that’s actually what their education is worth. 
  • Dallas Clark has been doing his job pass blocking according to PFF. Again, take any and all PFF individual stats lightly. They claim to know much more than is actually knowable many times. Still, I was surprised to see him rank so highly. I was also surprised to see Gijon Robinson do so poorly. If he couldn’t pass block, what was he even doing on the roster? He cost us a playoff game by blowing a block. This is just further evidence, however, of how much Indy missed Clark last year. Tamme duplicated his production, but I think Clark was missed in more subtitle ways that didn’t show up on the stat sheet.

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