Saturday Scrimmage Report

Ryan K (aka Cass) checks in with a better late than never report on the Blue and White Scrimmage on Saturday. It’s part of our Training Camp Contest.

This report will be much more of a summary than a play-by-play recap. I tweeted live from the camp, so if you want a blow-by-blow style recap, go here

  • The best place to start is the starting lineup. Seeing as the starting D contained John Gill and David Bedford, I pretty much threw it out as any indication of the potential starting lineup. The starting offensive lineup, however, was more revealing. First of all, Collie and Wayne were the starting WR’s with Garcon only coming in when the offense switched to a 3 WR set. As opposed to last season, when Collie was working almost solely out of the slot with Garcon starting, it looks like the Colts love Collie enough to leapfrog him over Garcon in the starting lineup. It might be too early to say that, but the Rams game should shed more light on the situation at WR.
    • Speaking of the starting O, the starting offensive line ended up being (from left to right) Jeff Linkenbach, Joe Reitz, Jamey Richard, Jaimie Thomas, and Ryan Diem. Jeff Saturday and Kyle DeVan were out with apparent injuries, but otherwise, that’s your current starting lineup. As I’ll mention below, this scares me to no end.
    • Peyton obviously didn’t practice as he’s still on the PUP list, so Painter and Orlovsky got a lot of time during the scrimmage. Painter was very good over the course of the day with hard, accurate throws, and Orlovsky was clearly a notch below Painter, but still very good. As I tweeted near the end of the scrimmage, it was hard to believe that this is the same Painter we saw back in the 2009 Jets game. For perspective from those who caution that it’s just a scrimmage, in the last Blue & White scrimmage, Painter threw 3 interceptions to the same player (Mike Newton). While still having problems in the face of pressure, he has clearly taken a step forward this offseason and the backup QB job is his to lose. While Orlovsky is somewhat competent when not scrambling near his own end zone, there will be no reason no keep him around once the season starts. It’s also worth noting that Nate Davis didn’t practice because he was grieving the recent death of his grandfather. Best wishes go out to him as he’s dealing with the loss. I hope to actually see him play Saturday against the Rams.
    • Along with the QB’s performing well in the scrimmage, the WR’s shined for the most part. Even though Garcon had 2 large drops (1 in the end zone, and another on a 3rd and 6), he still made several good catches and ran well after the catch. Gonzo caught a 15 yard pass on a 3rd and 6 to remind me why I love him so much. Gonzo looks fast and fluid in his routes. It was comforting to see him back and seemingly completely recovered from his injuries. He probably needs a huge year to be re-signed. Reggie was his dependable self all day.
    • Austin Collie deserves special mention here. He dominated the entire scrimmage, catching everything that came anywhere near him and generally being the WR that Painter and Orlovsky leaned on for the entire scrimmage. Collie had big catch after big catch to eat up large chunks of yardage. As long as he keeps his head clear, Collie should set the league on fire this year.
    • While the passing game looked very good, the running game was another story. None of the RB’s could find any holes to escape for yardage. This was due mostly to the poor work of the offensive line. The offensive line opened few holes over the course of the scrimmage, and whatever holes were opened were quickly filled by a swarming linebacker. Quite simply, the offensive line in its current form isn’t good. At all.
    • Moving onto the defensive side of the ball, the defensive line showed some skills in the scrimmage. Pressures and sacks were fairly abundant, with David Bedford and Eric Foster notably providing consistent pressure all scrimmage with a couple of well-timed sacks. Whether it was due to great D-line play or a truly awful O-line remains to be seen, but it’s an encouraging sign to see our D-line providing some pressure.
    • The new signings for the defense turned in a very good scrimmage. Tommie Harris provided pressure all day and was able to deflect a Curtis Painter pass from the DT position. Ernie Sims brought a physical style to the defense that was missing last year with Bobzilla out. He hit hard and was able to lodge a ball from Kole Heckendorf that was intercepted and brought back for a TD by Melvin Bullitt. With the way he is playing, he has a decent shot to make the team and might even crack the starting lineup.
    • The coverage over the top by Powers, Lacey, Tryon, Bullitt, and Bethea was excellent all day. None of the WR’s could get open deep all day, forcing Painter and Orlovsky to run a variation of the Tom Brady (throw it 7 yards every play) offense for most of the practice.