Remember to Love Football

Today’s post is brought to you by Blue Blood: Tales of Glory of the Indianapolis Colts.

The lockout drags on for at least one more day, so now is a good time to remind ourselves of what we love about football. Reader James Otis chimes in today with this trip down memory lane.

A week or two ago you mentioned in a podcast that you remember Bob Sanders fondly, and you hope that, despite the heartbreaking path his career took, Indy fans will do the same.

 I was digging through some boxes this past week, and we stumbled across my son’s baby scrapbook that my wife put together.  He was born in March after our Super Bowl victory.  My everlasting contribution to the book?  Newspaper clippings commemorating the fact that he was born while the Colts were reigning world champs!  The picture I selected is a memorable one of Bob Sanders returning his interception with Tony Dungy throwing his arms in the air in the background! 

That’s the Bob Sanders I remember. 

That’s the Bob Sanders I will ALWAYS remember. 

I remember the Super Bowl Champion, Defensive Player of the Year, Patriot-killing Bob Sanders.  I remember him leaping over linebackers 12″ taller than him to lay someone out in the backfield.  I remember that the Marlin Jackson AFC Championship pick was almost the Bob Sanders AFC Championship pick one drive earlier. 

Injuries are a terrible reality of the game, and I wish we could have had a few less with Bob, but he was the most exciting player on our team (though Freeney might give him a run for the money there).  On a straight-laced, by-the-book, in-house team of professionals, Bob stood out as the guy who was literally trying to kill you on the field.  Peyton is our life-blood as a team, but he does the same things every year.  He’s always awesome, regular season or playoffs.  I truly believe the Bob-factor is what put us over the top in 2006.  He very rarely got beat, and when he beat you, you were gonna remember it until you took the last ice-packet off three days later.

I wanted to let you know that there’s at least one more Colts fan out here that remembers Bob Sanders fondly.  When it comes down to it, he’s my favorite Colt of all time, not because he meant the most to the franchise, but because he put a spark of entertainment into a team that doesn’t go through a lot of emotional highs and lows. 

My son (now 4) still wears the blue and white number 21 jersey proudly.  It’s too bad he’ll never know the player and leader Bob Sanders really was to our team.

Thanks, James. I feel the same the way.