Reilly Re-drafts

With a hat tip to Paul Kuharsky, Rick Reilly went back and examined past drafts. He looked at 2006-2008

The Colts scored well on his ‘re-draft’, netting the fourth biggest ‘gain’.  18to88′s recent draft project had similar results.

His top five gainers for the three years were:

1. New Orleans Saints: The Saints scored in the middle of the back both in total value and efficiency, so this conclusion surprises me.

2. Tennessee Titans:  The Titans posted the second highest value from 2005-2009 in our study.

3. Green Bay: The Packers had the most total value from 2005-2009.

4. Indianapolis: The Colts were the most efficient drafting team in our study and the sixth best in terms of raw value from 2005-2009.

5.  Denver Broncos: The Broncos had very good drafts in 2006 and 2008 by our metrics.

His five worst teams were:

32. Seattle

31  St. Louis

30. San Francisco

29.  Detroit

28. Miami

The Rams and Miami were in our bottom five for all three years, and Detroit was in the bottom five in two of those years.  Our metrics were kinder to the Seahawks and 49ers. San Francisco in particular, had productive, but inefficient drafts. They got quality players, but well below what they should have had for their draft position.  This was mostly due to a great 2007 draft that offset two bad drafts in 2006 and 2008.