Recapping a live mock

In case it wasn’t apparent enough I was a total draft geek, I spent much of the weekend knee deep in another 7 round live mock. Starting out just advising Jake Crocker (Jamkel) of Coltzilla, I ended up running the draft for Indy for the 3rd round on after other obigations took Jamkel away from the internet for the weekend.

The Colts came away from the mock with

1. Nate Solder, OT, Colorado
2. Quinton Carter, S, Oklahoma
3. Sione Fua, DT, Stanford
4. Jalil Brown, CB, Colorado
5. Brandon Fusco, C, Slippery Rock
6. Brian Rolle, LB, Ohio St.

UDFA: Evan Royster, RB, Penn St.
UDFA: Allen Reisner, TE, Iowa
UDFA: Rich Lapham, OT, Boston College
UDFA: Jeff Tarpinian, LB, Iowa

Solder has great size and athleticism which will get him drafted in the 1st round but is considered a bit less polished than would be ideal with some technique issues and a frame that could use some more bulk. Solder does appear to be on the Colts radar as he’s reportedly visiting with the team this week.

Carter’s size, zone coverage skills and ability in run support makes him a perfect addition to an Indy roster that may need a starting SS and definitely needs a 3rd safety who can set in to start at either spot.

Fua would solidify the middle of the Colts DL. A 3-4 NT last year Fua held the middle well and bulled his way into the backfield pretty often and while he’s a two down player at the pro level, he’s not an immobile fatty.

Jalil Brown reminds me of Marlin Jackson. He has very good size and run support skills and while his speed isn’t great, he’s quick. Brown should be a great nickelback and has the potential to be more.

Fusco is the Gene Upshaw Award winner for the best O-lineman in D-II. A four year starter with good size and athleticism, there will be a bit of extra adjusting for the level of play, but Fusco could develop into an excellent interior lineman. Fusco is ranked as high as a 2nd round pick by some.

Brian Rolle is a great athlete, two year starter for a big time program, excellent cover guy and a sure tackler. Why is he a late round pick?
He’s short. Rolle measured in at the combine at 229lbs and a hair under 5’10″, which many see as limiting him to a STs role (where he exceled in college). In Indy’s scheme however, he might be able to do more (and even just the STs help would be great).

Royster was very productive and highly touted, then Penn State’s line seriously declined. Reisner is a low ceiling, high floor type guy. Not a great athlete or particularly big, but has a well rounded skillset and could definitely displace Gijon Robinson. Lapham was just one of the best tackles still available from the lists I looked at. Was the RT opposite Castonzo the past two years. Tarpinian is a STs beast, didn’t get a lot of starting time at Iowa thanks to great LB talent ahead of him and two very poorly timed injuries, but he’s got the talent and can at least be a big help on STs.