Quick Thoughts on the Heat

I had a whole post wiped out today, and I’m too tired/sick to rebuild it.

The gist was that I semi-delight in the mockery the Miami Heat are making of the media (especially Simmons and Whitlock).  There are three good articles that bear noting:

LeBron should have been MVP.

The Heat have actually been crazy good all year.

LeBron has ALWAYS been clutch.  This one drives me nuts, because the numbers show Kobe Bryant isn’t very good in the clutch, but his rep is crazy.

Other notes from that long lost mystery post:

  • Both teams met in the Finals in 2006, but each have just two players on the roster from those teams. Nowitzki and Terry for the Mavs and Wade and Haslim for the Heat.
  • The teams have built their rosters in opposite ways. The Mavs have 6 players acquired via trade (not counting sign and trades or draft day pick swaps), 5 free agents, three players drafted (again, none of them were actually drafted by the Mavs, but came in same day trades), and one UDFA.  The Heat have two UDFAs, drafted three players, and have 11 free agents.

Basketball rosters can turn over incredibly fast. What’s amazing is that the best ways to build an NBA team (free agents and trades) are awful ways to build an NFL team.  I think the NBA affects the way fans think about football roster construction in a bad way. Fans think trades and free agency work, but they don’t.

My ghost post was going to compare the roster make up of the Steelers and Packers to the Heat and Mavs, but it’s gone now, and probably never coming back.