Quick Notes On The Win

Nate breaks down notable occurrences and performances in the Colts win over the Texans.


It’s Christmas and I’m exhausted from a long and memorable night. I’m not going spin up a narrative today. You all saw Reggie Wayne with his arms raised.

That’s all the narrative any of us need. 

My quick hits:

  • I had my office Christmas party last night a few blocks from the Luke. I kept two tickets in my pocket, just in case. The party broke up just after halftime, so Deb and I walked down to the Luke to catch the fourth quarter. Why? Because I thought, “If Reggie Wayne does something amazing, I don’t want to miss it”. I’m so glad we were there. That’s a win I’ll never forget.
  • I’m flabbergasted that the Colts threw 40 times. They opened the game with passes on 3 of 4 attempts. It’s like they learned nothing at all. Orlovsky’s final drive was miraculous, but let’s not pretend he played well last night. Indy scored 19 points and 20 points in the two wins. They scored that much with Painter four times. Claims that this shows Indy would have been better off with Orlovsky all season are ignorant. Indy has stripped down the offense for him. He’s averaging fewer YPA than Painter, and far fewer YPC. This team won two games because of the defense. Orlovsky has made a couple of plays, and that’s awesome, but let’s not make his play out to be something it’s not. He throws balls over people’s heads, takes sacks, fumbles. He’s the same dude as Curtis Painter, especially early. He’s better than where Painter was at the end when he had clearly had something break in his head, but he’s not any different from Painter in weeks 3-6. I think that Saints game broke Curtis. He was never the same after that.
  • Irsay came out and said Peyton was the man if he’s healthy. I think we’ve all known that. That’s still a big if.
  • Can anyone explain why Addai had 19 carries and Brown 11?
  • Caldwell calling for a field goal inside the 5 is exactly why he must be fired. It’s not the losses. It’s the strategy. This team is still passing too much and playing the wrong backs.
  • This defense is massively improved once Larry Coyer got the boot.
  • So the same people complaining about the Colts tanking are now complaining about the Colts winning. Go figure. 
  • Reggie Wayne may have extended the Peyton Manning era for four more years. If that’s the case, then we owe him a massive debt of gratitude.
  • Just to be clear: Indy has won the strength of schedule tiebreaker over the Vikings and Rams. Only those two teams matter now. If they both win 1 game out of 2, Indy gets the pick. If Indy loses, the Colts get the pick. It’s simple.
  • If you live in Indy and want to grab a last minute copy of Invincible, Indiana or Blue Blood, there are signed copies at 7055 Coffman Road, at Metro Arborist Supplies.
  • Don’t worry about the #1 pick. If Indy loses they still get it. Enjoy this win and have Merry Christmas.