Quck Hits on Colts/Bengals

It’s the fourth pre-season game, and as a rule you can’t really take anything away from it. The entire second half consists largely of players who won’t be on an NFL roster in another three days.

  • Kerry Collins played fine. I thought he looked more accurate than the other Indy QBs, and his deep ball to open the game was a nice throw. He is going to get sacked a lot if he should have to play. That’s just a reality. Still, he can make some throws Painter just can’t.
  • Painter not playing means he already has the #3 job. I think we all knew that already.
  • Castonzo in particular and the line in general was awful. There are going to be games like this this year. The line won’t be much better than last year. If Manning plays, it could be good enough.
  • Everyone will hate on Don Brown, I’m sure, but none of the other backs could do much. Evans and Carter were both under 2 YPC, and that was with a nice run to end the half on a ‘run the clock out’ play by Carter. The line was awful (did I mention that?), and the backs were swarmed under behind the line regularly.
  • Someone, I’m sure, will try and use Orlovsky’s second half stats as evidence of something. They aren’t.
  • Taj Smith sure gets open a lot. He sure drops a lot of passes.
  • Hughes played hard and had an impact, but it means nothing. He wasn’t going against NFL players by the end.
  • Kevin Thomas sealed the win. Nice to see him show up with a ‘big’ play.
  • The big story for 2011 on defense will be the linebackers. Can they be in the right spots? There’s talent there, but they have to really understand the scheme for the defense to thrive.