Quarterbacks on the Run

18to88 reader Justin Knox weighs in with a look at ‘dual threat quarterbacks’.

Do running quarterbacks perform well in the NFL? There has been a lot of talk of QB Cam Newton becoming a great player, but I want to examine whether or not this style of player has regular success in the NFL.

This is a  look back at QBs taken in the draft over the last 6 years, just in the first two rounds (because those are usually drafted to be starters). The 2010 draft is excluded because the players haven’t had enough time to be evaluated fairly.

I’ve made a point system by which to evaluate the QBs.  Here’s a key:

S= Starts, did the guy get to start and have a chance to play, 0 being never started, 5 being started every game.

TI= TD to INT ratio, 0 meaning his TD to INT ratio was below 1 TD to 3 INT, 5 being at least 2 TDs to one INT ratio

R= Running ability, was he actually a dual threat, 0 meaning he hardly ever ran, and 5 being he was basically a Micheal Vick

N= where is he right now, what’s he doing. 0 being out of football, 5 being the unheralded starter

Y= YPA, 0 being below 4, 1 being between 4-4.9, 2 5-5.9, 3 6-6.9, 4 7-7.9, 5 above 8

I’ll list the QB rating, and just give my opinion on them, and add if they have had injuries that seems common with these guys. Highest rating possible is 25, which means he’s a beast, and of course 0 meaning he’s a bust. Well, let’s start with the 2009 draft. I’ll give what pick he was taken with and who he was drafted by, and just remember that I’m only doing dual threat QBs.

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