“Keep Calm and Kerry On” Shirts on Sale!


What started as a humble public service announcement has become a T-shirt.

Go to KeepCalmKerryOn.com to get the ultimate statement shirt. It says, “Hey, I’m a rational person and a real Colts fan!”

This shirt is an instant classic that Colts fans will recognize for years.  Here’s the catch: you can only order until Sunday night!

Shirts sell for $15 and $20, and there are all sizes available (2x and 3x extra).

This is a limited run, and there’s no telling whether or not there will be another opportunity to buy one. Head over to the store and pick one up today! If the shirt sells well, we may reopen a 2nd run, but it may not be immediately. This is possibly your only chance to own one.

I want to thank the wonderfully talented Matt Hasenbalg for designing this logo. Matt designed the cover art for Blue Blood, and is doing all the design work for my new book, Invincible, Indiana (coming November 1st, God willing). I also want to thank Allie at Underground Printing for her passion for the project. It’s amazing to work with talented enthusiastic people who can do the kind of creative stuff I just can’t handle. So kudos to Matt and Allie!

Don’t forget if you want to download the image to use as a sign for your business, home, or dorm, please feel free. Our downtown campaign was postponed until tonight, but feel free to print your own copy any time.

Enough talk! Head over to KeepCalmKerryOn.com and get buying!