Photos From Colts and Bengals

Matt Hasenbalg, the designer of the cover of Blue Blood, won a couple of tickets to last night’s game from Jim Irsay on Twitter.

He passes along these excellent photos:

Matt says: On the final GW drive we called a TO and Orlovsky headed over to the sidelines. It may have been just before the TD to Taj Smith, can’t recall for sure.  Anyway, I understand it’s standard m.o. for the QBs to join the coach in the consultation, but I was watching through the lens and it really looked like Manning was doing as much of the coaching in the min-huddle, if not a bit more, than CC was.

Matt calls this: Bengal Pride

Matt says: I was really hoping that our last drive would stall out at midfield. McAfee & Tamme were practicing FGs at halftime, and #1 was absolutely nailing them. Longest I saw him take was about a 62 yarder. Cleared easily and, I believe, would have cleared a D-line as well.

Matt says: Just after the snap you can see the entire squad react with one exception – RB Evans. Maybe just telling in the truth to the “adjusting to the speed of the game” line we always hear from the rookies.