Peyton Signs, 5 years, 90million

Peyton was true to his word taking a deal comparable to Brady’s 4 year 72 mil contract rather than taking Jim Irsay up on his offer of becoming the highest paid player in the league.

Schefter tweets Mortensen’s report


Peyton requested a deal slightly less per year than Tom Brady’s contract, but Jim Irsay refused to pay Peyton less than Tom Brady gets. Peyton’s deal will pay him 69mil over the first 3 years and carry a 2011 cap hit of 16mil.

The known numbers are 90mil total, 5 years, 69 mil over the first 3. 16mil cap hit this season. Making up the specific numbers within those bounds the contract would probably look something like

Signing Bonus: 42mil
2011 Salary: 8mil     2011 Cap: 16.4mil
2012 Salary: 9mil     2012 Cap: 17.4mil
2013 Salary: 10mil   2013 Cap: 18.4mil
2014 Salary: 10mil   2014 Cap: 18.4mil
2015 Salary: 11mil   2015 cap: 19.4mil 

The 69million number for the first 3 years is confusing, especially given the low cap hit for 2011, but makes sense if it’s assumed to mean the actually money Peyton will be taking home in the next 3 years, rather than the accounting for the cap which spreads signing bonus evenly over the life of the contract.