Peyton is R2

If you’ve ever read any of the Timothy Zahn books in the Heir to the Empire or Thrawn series, then you are a huge geek and some one I respect.

One of the details in those books is that Luke never has R2D2s memory wiped. Apparently, memory wiping is a normal and healthy process for Astromech droids. If you don’t wipe their memories, they begin to form bonds with the fighter in which they are installed. Eventually, neither the fighter nor the droid will function correctly without the other. So if you memory wipe them, you maintain the flexibility to free swap out parts.

Anyway, R2 never gets his memory wiped which means that eventually no other R2 unit can fly Luke’s X-Wing. R2 is so bonded with the ship that together they achieve insane levels of synergy, responsiveness, and performance, but completely lose any and all flexibility. Luke doesn’t care, because he’s a freaking Jedi, and wants the most perfectly tuned ship possible, but it pisses off the maintenance guys who have to deal with the quirks of unit and ship.

You can see where I’m going with this.

The Indy offense doesn’t work with anyone other than Manning running it. It’s not that it’s a bad system. Just the opposite. It’s an amazing scheme built around one brilliant man’s ability to manipulate coverage and read defenses. It doesn’t work AT ALL for anyone else though.