People Really Hate Jim Tressel

I confess, I don’t get it.

The Colts’ hiring of Jim Tressel is completely irrelevant. He’s going to be a replay advisor. Frankly, it shocks me they didn’t already have a guy dedicated to just doing that job.  This is a zero impact move on the team.

I don’t know why people care or are so upset about Indy hiring Tressel.

I grant you, I’m not an OSU fan. In fact, I loathe OSU. This news should be nothing more than an annotation in a notebook column.

But people are angry, there’s no question. As someone who despises college football and everything it stands for, I cannot fathom why anyone even cares about Tressel. He seems like a natural fit, culturally, with the Colts staff. Considering he’s not a real coach, but rather an advisor on a limited gameday basis, it makes sense the Colts would want a guy who fit in. A lot of people feel Tressel took the fall for his players and wasn’t to blame for the OSU mess. It’s to be expected that other coaches would be sympathetic to him and give him a second chance.

I don’t get the outrage over something so insignificant and that will have so little impact on the season. This isn’t barely news. They’ve given him a job an intern could fill. Who cares?

But then again, I hate Ohio State. I hate college football. I don’t care about the good of either.

Everyone else hates Jim Tressel.

To each his own.

The following letter is from Thomas H. I’ll let his voice speak for everyone who disagrees with me.

Why?  Why?  Why?

I am a transplant.  I grew up in Anderson, Indiana and transplanted to Cleveland, Ohio in 1999.  I have endured 12 years of people blindly following Ohio State University.  Oh, I’m sorry!  I forgot the definite article “The”.

My wife grew up in Columbus, Ohio… not a huge OSU fan.  She and I both graduated from Indiana University.  Even though I went to IU, I wasn’t a big OSU hater.  Didn’t like it when IU lost to OSU, but that was the reality then, and still is today

Maurice Clarett and the undeserved victory over Miami for the college football championship finally drove the nail in the coffin for me.  By that time, I had had enough of “THE” Ohio State University.  9 more years of OSU Homerism followed.  Oh, boy!

Mike Doss

Ben Hartsock

Roy Hall

Quinn Pitcock

Anthony Gonzalez

All from the Jim Tressel OSU era…

Brian Stablein before that.

All of these players came from OSU.  All became very large disappointments in a Colt uniform.

Haven’t we learned that OSU and Colts don’t mix well?

One of the first things I do each year after the NFL Draft is see if any of the Colts draft selections attended OSU.  2008 – 2011…  “Whew!  No OSU.  Thank God!  We now have a better chance.”  Those were my immediate thoughts every year.

I have been secretly hoping that the Colts would avoid the OSU thing altogether.  Four consecutive drafts, no OSU players.  Things were looking up…



Jim Tressel and the Colts.

Why?  Why?  Why?

Everyone says Jim Tressel is a wonderful person.  He does lots for charity.  He donates money and time to good causes.  That’s nice

Youngstown State University – 4 championships and 1 NCAA investigation.

Ohio State University – 1 championship and 1, 2, maybe more NCAA investigations (to be determined).

Bob Knight has vouched for Jim Tressel, stating that Jim Tressel is a class act and a wonderful person.  How can this be the case when cheating and corruption seems to follow Jim Tressel everywhere Jim Tressel goes?  I have a co-worker who can go on for an hour about Jim’s personal life and all the bad things that took place in Youngstown.  He loves to talk about that stuff.

I don’t want anything to do with OSU.

A guy at work got a tattoo a couple months back.  I asked him if Terrelle Pryor helped him select the art and the parlor.  It was a rude comment, but we have an open, honest relationship… with a fair amount of crap and jabbing thrown in.  Today, he got his chance at payback!

4:24pm – he calls over the cubicle wall…

“Tom, did you hear who the Colts just signed???!!!…”  I yelled, “Please tell me it’s T.O.!”

They told me.  I crumbled.  I just stood there, leaning against my cubicle wall, hands together on my face, head against the wall.  I just crumbled.  Silence.  They won!  And, boy, did they love it!

All of my OSU Hateration turned back on me.  They got to see it.  “Witness” is a better word.

“Oh, no!  Today of all days!”  The company OSU potluck was today.  Everywhere I looked, OSU shirts…  One O-H-I-O shirt, which I always call out in response when I see one, “O-H-N-O”!

Today was my OH, NO!

Why?  Why?   Why?

Was it really necessary to bring the OSU taint into Colts town?

Tressel says all the right words and makes you believe in the product he is selling.  He’s good.  He hooks you and pulls you in.  I’ve listened to him speak.  He is good.  He’s very good.

I have respect for the man when he talks football.  I don’t have respect for his priorities and the way he gets things done.

I don’t want that in Colts town.  The Colts aren’t built that way.  They run a different kind of program.

Why?  Why?  Why?

I have been a Colts fan for 25 years.  This is about enough to make me jump off the bandwagon.  Am I over-reacting?  Yes.  Why all the hate?  Lot’s of reasons…  But leave it all in Ohio.  Don’t bring your taint here.

Instead of letting the taint come to us, we went out and got it.  Why?  I can look at the replay on Sunday and recommend whether or not the red flag should be thrown.  I don’t need to hire Jim Tressel to tell me when to throw the red flag.  I would gladly do that job!  And I would be a much more economical solution!

There’s something deeper, something bigger going on here.  There’s more to this than what we have seen or know.  Will Jim Tressel become the next Colts head coach?  Will he get a spot on the coaching staff next year?  Associate Head Coach?  Is Jim Tressel the next Jim Caldwell in waiting?

If Terrelle Pryor got suspended five games for his tattoo and automobile fun, surely Jim Tressel should get some kind of reprimand. 

I don’t understand any of this.  In my quiet little world of Colt-dom, we are possibly 14 hours away from knowing if Anthony Gonzalez will still be on the team.  I’m not wishing him to leave or get cut, but I will think the team will be better when it doesn’t have any OSU products on the roster.  I am not wishing any ill will against Gonzo.  He seems like a good chap.  I saw him a couple weeks ago at training camp and he was good with the fans.  OSU and Colts just don’t mix well.  Any time an OSU product has joined the Colts, there has been a lot of hope and a lot of disappointment.  I’d rather live without the disappointment, so I’d rather not recruit OSU players.  That’s my policy.  I like to learn from history, and the recent Colts history (say 18 years) tells me to avoid OSU players.

I’m sure the guy will have lots to say.  How much impact will Jim Tressel have?  Will his power and authority grow and evolve as the season progresses?  How will the Colt players respond to him?  Will they think of him as a cheater, the way millions of others and I do?  Will they accept him openly?  Will they even see him at all, except for possibly on Sundays?  I don’t know.


I guarantee we’ll find out soon.  The media will let us know.  But, since Tressel is a nice guy and all, I’m sure it will all have a positive spin.

From my perspective, I’d rather cut all ties with OSU and not look back.  It’s not consistent with what the Colts preach:

Be a character guy.

Do your best.

Support the greater good (the greater good) and work toward one goal.

Next man up!

Do things the right way with the right people.

We’d rather lose with good people than win with bad people.

Corruption, lying, and cheating don’t fit into that paradigm.


Why?  Why?  Why?


The Colt organization seems to get it.  Or so I thought…  Until today…

I want a clean program.  I’d rather lose with good guys than win with bad guys.  Although the good guy seldom finishes first, I’d rather support the good guy and a clean program than win with a corrupt program.

If the corruption comes to the Colt organization – the “taint” as I like to call it – then I’m done.  I’ll walk.  I walked on the Pacers and the NBA.  I’ll walk on the Colts.  It will be a sad day if I do, but I won’t tolerate it.  Not as a fan.  Not as a person with a soul.  Not as a human being.  If my organization has no soul or a bad soul, I’m out.

25 years… and I’m ready to walk.

Please…  Colts…  Don’t make me walk