On Kelvin Hayden and Ryan Diem

Editor’s note: welcome new writer Evan Reller aboard!

The Colts have difficult decisions to make with two veterans: Kelvin Hayden and Ryan Diem.

First, Hayden makes far too much money, but cutting him doesn’t save the Colts much in cap room. This contract reminds me of the Bob Sanders deal, in which the Colts gave a player with potential a great contract, despite the fact that he doesn’t see the field enough.

Here is my take on Hayden: the Colts should keep him if it’s not too big a cap hit. A lot of people have said Indy is deep at corner. They said the same thing about the wide receiver corps last year too, and by the end of the season Indy only had Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon left. Injuries have always decimated this team and to cut a capable starter without much benefit does no good.

Last season Indy started out deep at cornerback and wide receiver. In the post season, Hayden and Jerraud Powers were out. This left the Colts with Jacob Lacey and Justin Tryon starting against two very capable receivers.

After last season, we can’t have enough depth on this team.

Second, Ryan Diem can go ahead and walk out the door right now. I think he’s done.


Last year, it seemed that if someone on the line was getting beat, it was him.

He flat out cost Indy the Patriots game last season. If you don’t remember, Manning’s last throw was rushed due to pressure from the right side, product of Diem getting beaten badly.

I welcome starting the rookies on the O-line. Many pundits have said that Anthony Castonnzo doesn’t have much of an upside, that he has reached his potential. To me, that suggests that he’s NFL ready. The kid has been a model of durability, and I believe a definite improvement over Diem.