Now is the Time to See the Colts-$20 Off!

Half price tickets and a discount? 

Heck yeah.

The Colts are home this week and looking for a big crowd. So here is your chance to get 50% off tickets to the game whether you want sideline seats or nosebleeds. The deal is brought to you by our partner TiqIQ and their new feature that lets you pick your own price — like (always less than retail) with no shipping or handling fees of any kind. The price you pick is the total price you pay.

Listen, just CLICKING on these links helps me out, and opens the door for you get great deals. I used TiqIq in Week 2. I got tickets for less than half face value. Remember when my brother gave away tickets to the season opener, leaving me out in the cold? TiqIq came through.

As a deal for our readers, sign up to pick your price and get a free $20 added to your account to help with your ticket purchase. Yes – that means you can get tickets for half off AND get an additional $20 off at check out. The $20 off is only good this week, so why not use the free cash to see the Colts in person this weekend?

It’s a rough season, but come Sunday afternoon, the Luke will STILL be the funnest place to be. You hate Ian Eagle and Ron Pitts? ME TOO! Just imagine if you could have gone to last week’s game and sat in the sun instead of listening to Solomon Wilcotts?


Go to the game folks. You’ll be glad you did.