No Soup for You!

I’m working on a longer article for later today, but first this brief missive from regular contributor Nick Pease. This story is nearly as exciting as the time Luke met Joe Addai or I met Jeff Saturday.  We are always looking for your stories of random encounters with Colts players.  Hey, it’s the offseason.  Why not?

I’m a manager at a new restaurant on Indianapolis’ north side.  I have a communications degree along with two minors, and yes, I work in the food service industry.  Hey you gotta pay the bills right?
It’s not my dream job by any means, but I can’t complain, the job has its perks. I get to eat a free lunch everyday and since we’re the new place in town, some notable folks have come in to eat.

Former Colts players Jeff Burris and Ken Dilger have both come in for lunch.  Mike Pollak came in for dinner one evening and last week I served Austin Collie his lunch. (And yes I was nervous like a little school girl.)  The other night also provided a rather exciting, if not brief, Colts related moment.

Last Saturday was actually a very busy night for us, but by 8:00 we had really started to slow down and by 9:00 we were all but dead, minus a few lingering tables and a few folks straggling in here and there. I was roaming around and found myself near the front of the store, checking on cleaning and what not, as an older gentleman walked in.  He was wearing a long and heavy black overcoat and what looked like a brand new Yankees baseball cap.

He started to walk up to the counter and stopped in line right behind me as I continued to face out the front windows. And then I took a second look.  I flipped back around and took an astonished breath.  Upon my second glance I realized I was standing no less than three feet from Mr. Bill Polian.

I turned to face him and said, as I had to most of our guests that night, “How are you tonight sir?’ He mumbled something to the nature of, “I’m doing Ok.”  It was clear Bill was either living up to his grumpy reputation or was simply not in the mood for conversation.

I turned back and thought to myself: “Ok, Ok think of an insightful question. Think you idiot. Think. Ask him something only the most in depth Colts fan would ask. Come on Nick, think you idiot!”

My mind was racing. I wanted desperately to have a conversation with him.  Do I ask him what the thinks about Sherrod and the other tackles? Do I ask him about the Senior Bowl? Do I mention Collie came in earlier in the week? As my mind continued to race, I turned around.  As I did, my jaw dropped.  At the very same moment I saw Mr. Polian turn away from the counter … and walk right out the door.

I started to flip out.  Why was he leaving? Where was he going? What just happened?

I spun over to my 17 year old employee working the counter and asked frantically, “What just happened with that guy? Why is he walking out?”

My employee responded, “He asked if we had chicken noodle soup, and I said no, so he said bye and walked away.”

Dang it Bill! Chicken noodle soup is our soup of the day on Sunday and Monday!

Mr. Polian if I would have known you were coming in, and presumably feeling under the weather, I would have had a bowl of chicken noodle ready for you, piping hot. 

Next time Bill. Next time.