Name That Colt Contest

Nicknames have been a part of from the beginning.

Among my personal favorites have been The Zombie, Kid Joe (aka The J’Addai Master), Frenchy, Frathis, The Roly-Poly Bat Out of Hell, and Little T.

To celebrate the new Indianapolis Colts Grille, we are giving out two $20 gift cards to the official restaurant of the Colts. The Indianapolis Colts Grille has amazing food and service. If you are looking to watch the game Sunday night, you couldn’t pick a better spot. We are talking 66 HD flat screen TVs and an incredible menu with over 80 different items.  If you are looking for drinks, the Colts Grille is your place with 32 beers on draft, 32 bottled selections, 32 wines, and 32 unique specialty drinks & martinis.

To win, all you have to do is come up with the next great nickname for one of the Indianapolis Colts, past or present.

There are two categories: funniest and best.

Here are the rules:

1. No Bob Sanders nicknames. Bob has enough, and around these parts he’s the Zombie.

2. Enter in the comments below. The contest runs through Friday night.

3. I’ll pick the winners, so be sure to make me laugh or make me cheer.

4. Peyton and Marvin are 18 and 88, period. They are beyond the reach of mere vowels and consonants.

Nail the nickname and you’ll not only win $20 toward a great time at the Colts Grille, but you’ll win a spot in lore, and mention in the Glossary.

I hope to work out a get together for fans at the Grille sometime soon. So chip in a great nickname, and you’ll be all ready for the big event.