My belated assessment of the 2010 Colts

This is a post by Ajit Kirpekar

One of the many things that drives me crazy about the media is this incessant dogmatic philosophy that all credit and blame should be apportioned entirely to the quarterback. I thought this might abate after the Patriots and Eagles were knocked out, but it hasn’t. This postseason, 3 out of the 4 teams were all led by defensive oriented ball clubs and it could even be argued that the packers are borderline as well. Yet, after the conclusion of the superbowl, the media will have crowned either Rodgers or Ben as the new gold standard. What’s even more ironic about all of this is that in the championship game, all four quarterbacks played subpar games. I don’t mean to knock any of the four, they were after all playing against elite defenses, but to further illustrate the point of how erroneous and misleading it is to suggest that team A won because team A’s qb got it done. It’s incredibly lazy but hey, it’s the sort of quick and easy answer that football laymen wrap their heads around. I prefer, instead, to try and look at a team in a complete manner. I think the qb plays the most important position, but there are indeed 21 more players that have something to say about teams win and loss record. Remember, perspective and context.

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