Moss Grows Fat on a Rolling Stone

It seems that on a daily basis, rumors of Randy Moss and the Colts spring up.

On a daily basis, every credible writer shoots them down.

I’m not sure where the Moss to Indy rumors are coming from, but to date the only respected source to mention the two in the same sentence was a twitter report that said Moss wanted Indy, but Indy doesn’t want Moss. Jim Irsay himself echoed that sentiment.

The rumors have never made any sense. The Colts have already seen up close that when a wide receiver ‘loses it’, even if he’s one of the greatest of all time, it’s gone. Even if the Colts did sign Moss, what would he be able to do that Pierre Garcon can’t do? Moss had a catch rate of 44% last year. The Colts need to find out if Garcon can get to the next level or not. They can’t do it if they give his snaps to Moss.

Moss would be a terrible move for Indianapolis. Now, if the Colts suffered a few injuries to the wideout corps, that could change. For now, however, bringing in Moss simply makes no sense for the Colts. I don’t believe the rumors have any credibility at all, and if they are coming from anywhere, it’s probably from Randy Moss’s people.


Peter King said he needed time to put Moss’s Hall of Fame career in context before deciding on his merits.

That’s among the most insane things I’ve ever heard.

If Randy Moss isn’t a Hall of Fame player, then no one is. Apparently only Don Hutson and Jerry Rice are fit to make the Hall from the wideout position. I don’t like Randy Moss, and never have. But when he wanted to play, he was the greatest offensive weapon since Jim Brown.

I don’t find King’s sense of caution admirable; I find it offensive.  

Some things should be self-evident to anyone who watched football. I believe Terrell Owens is a Hall of Fame player, but I understand that he did deep six a number of teams. I can see that his behavior can and should mitigate his accomplishments. Moss, however, committed the pardonable sin of getting bored in Oakland. Other than that he was the ultimate quarterback maker. He was as unique and dominating a talent as there has ever been in the NFL. His on field accomplishments are simply too great to ignore.

Pretending that they require special meditation cheapens them.


Yesterday reported on the cap situation for all teams. The number PFT gave for the Colts was $7.9 million. However, based on previous reporting by PFT, that number likely includes ‘flexible money‘. Each team can ‘borrow’ up to $3 million from the 2012 cap and apply it to 2011. Obviously, it would be best to avoid doing so if at all possible. That means the Colts actual number is probably closer to $4.9 million. That’s not nearly enough to do any major renegotiation of Mathis or Wayne’s deals, as some have suggested.

The Colts may not be finished signing players, but they don’t have the cap room to make any major moves. Of course, at this stage of the game, there aren’t any major players to move on anyway.


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