More Dennis Polian Background

A reader, Maurice from Canada, chimes in today with more background on Dennis Polian, whom the Colts hired.  He was frustrated with charges of nepotism regarding the hire:

Polian paid his dues in Tulane, then in Canada, then 2 years with the Vikings and now he is hired by the Colts for an administrative job similar to the one he was doing in Canada. If it were not for his name (Polian) most people would not be yelling out loud.

By the way the Canadian rights to Sam Giguere belong to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (where Polian worked). They drafted the guy while Polian was there and, in the meantime, Bill Polian signed him as a UDFA in Indianapolis. So Dennis paid his dues without the pushing and pulling of his father, although obviously they were still communicating.

Maurice makes a good point.  Dennis Polian is a Polian, and while it’s obvious his family connections have helped him, he has been working up to the position.  He’s learned his craft at various levels of football, and seems qualified for the Colts post.

Having grown up in a family business, nepotism doesn’t bother me. It rubs some people the wrong way, but that generally applies when the person receiving the position isn’t qualified for it. By all appearences, Dennis Polian is perfectly qualfied to work for the Colts.