MIke Tanier Talks to 18to88.com

For a long time now, I’ve shared my affection for Mike Tanier.

He’s written brilliant articles about Peyton Manning, and did an incredible 18 Questions for me a few years back.

Now he has written an incredible book about the most significant athletes in Philadelphia history.

The Philly Fan’s Code is an incredible chronicle of the myths and passions that the Philadelphia fans have used to interpret the careers of some of the best athletes in American history.

The book is funny, poignant, smart, and engaging. Even as someone with no ties at all to Philadelphia, I devoured the book. Tanier has a gift for writing, and his book was outstanding in every way. I loved every page.

You’ll love listening to him on this podcast as we talk Pete Rose, Scott Rolen, and even a little 18 and 88.

I apologize for my portion of the audio. For some reason, my side recorded poorly, and I had to do several hours of editing to salvage what I could. Fortunately, Mike’s portion is flawless, and he’s the one you want to listen to anyway.

You can download the podcast directly, listen in the embedded player on the main page, or subscribe via ITunes.