Mike Tanier is a Giant Among Men

Mike Tanier, author of the outstanding weekly Walkthrough column, has out done himself today.

As part of an on going series, Tanier tackles the best quarterbacks in the history of the Houston Texans (that took about five seconds) and the Indianapolis Colts.

Tanier, friend of 18to88.com and author of The Philly Code, lists one Peyton Manning as the greatest quarterback in Colts history. Unlike me, Tanier includes the Baltimore era when he talks of Colts history, which means that he ranks Manning ahead of Johnny Unitas.

The resulting essay is tremendous and will make your day.

Here’s a brief snippet:

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, in any of the records like Manning’s body of work over the last decade. There is no run of 12-4 seasons and statistical dominance that lasts anywhere near as long, period. Terry Bradshaw and Tom Brady cannot touch it. John Elway does not come close. Neither does Dan Marino, who had a lot of great statistical years for 8-8 teams. Joe Montana has something more checkered, although it is brilliant enough that it is arguably greater. Unitas has 1957-60 and several punctuation marks, so he has a case. Brett Favre has his four-year run and lots of (very good) stuffing. Otto Graham has something that looks better if you can stomach AAFC statistics. But really, Manning’s statistical record is completely on its own, and to write it all off is to write this whole decade off.

Drop what you are doing now and go read it.