Manning Tops Protection List, Almost By Himself

This is just a brief coda to a piece I did on Wednesday.

Pro-Football Focus published their Team Pass Protection rankings today, and the Colts got the top spot.  So why would Indy take tackles with their first two picks if the Colts are so good at protection?  I’ll let them explain:

How do you explain a team with its tackles grading out at a combined -23.3 in pass protection finishing No. 1? Peyton Manning, that’s how. His ability to get rid of the ball before pressure can get to him is second to none, with just 7.52% of all pressure resulting in sacks. Couple that with not needing backs and tight ends to stay in, and you have our top ranked unit for the second year in a row.

The bottom line is that as other studies have shown, protecting the quarterback is largely up to the quarterback himself.  When it comes to avoiding sacks, there is no one better in the NFL than Peyton Manning.