Manning Throwing Football at Coors Field

Weird, random, and good news from Colorado today.

Peyton Manning was out throwing a football at Coors Field in Denver.

Renaud Notaro, a Denver sports radio host of “Elephants In The Room” on FM 93.7 “Mile High Sports Radio”, posted links on Twitter to pictures of Manning during and after a workout at Coors field where he threw a football. “10 to 15 yards. Nothing hard…just a warmup type throw”.

Notaro said,

“I walked into the press box early to drop off my computer and then go meet friends for lunch.  I was talking to the press box manager, Bill, who couldn’t figure out who Doogie, Rockies trainer, was playing catch with.  I turned and immediately recognized it was Peyton Manning.  I just recognized his posture and his mannerisms.  I just took a few pics and noticed he was doing more foot work and working on his form than throwing.  I don’t know how long they were out there, but as you can see from the pic, the trainer was catching one of Peyton’s passes.  I’d guess it was 10 to 15…maybe 20 yards.  And for the record, Peyton is the 2nd best Manning QB.  Archie Manning is the greatest of all-time.  Just imagine if he had any talent around him.”

Manning and the trainer pre-workout

Manning throwing with a Rockies trainer. It’s not long distance.

Manning heading into the dugout.

This is the first visual evidence we’ve had of Manning throwing since his neck surgery. In the DirecTV commercial he shot after surgery, any shots where he’d be throwing a football were conspicuously cut around.

It’s not earth-shattering news, but it is encouraging. After confusion about how his rehab was going, it’s nice to have visual confirmation that he is at least trying to throw.

There’s no word yet what Manning was doing in Denver, but he does have a friendship with Todd Helton, Rockies first-baseman. Helton was the starting quarterback at the University of Tennessee in Manning’s freshman year. After Helton went with down with an injury, Manning took over, and Helton wound up playing baseball.