Great news!

Thanks to the amazing support of reader Todd Smith, the Daily Links are saved!

Todd has volunteered to post links for me, allowing the community to keep getting a steady stream of news, without me giving up time I just don’t have. 

In honor of Todd, I’m going to clear out my slate of articles to link all in one swoop.  Here’s everything I’ve been reading this week. Starting tomorrow, Todd will begin linking up the articles I send him. I’m incredibly appreciative of his efforts. He says he just wants to help support the community and chip in.

Each day, I’ll send Todd all the links. If there is a special comment I have on an important topic, I’ll link it myself, but this will help me clear out the meaningful, but tedious job of linking regular coverage from the other sites we all love.

I’ll still only be planning a couple of posts a week, but we do have other writers, and my hope is to have an open thread if nothing else on days I don’t write.  This will help take the load off for the next few months as I prepare my book to go out.

Frankly, I’m humbled and amazed by his spirit. My thanks go out to him.

Links after the jump.

Must read: Forbes: Peyton has added $325 million in value for the Colts

Colts Football Insider is a new Indy blog. Check them out.

Phil B: Colts quotes

Powers is returning punts. This is insanity. A terrible idea

Star: Colts move on

Collins sets the pace

Bell on Manning’s surgery (must read)

Special shoes for Wayne and Bethea

What songs fire up the Colts?

PFR addresses the Manningless Colts (MUST READ!)

Colts top the Twindex

Whitlock’s column is atrocious.

King has Indy holding breath

Don’t fight for the extra yard (good read)

Kravitz on the one man team

More technical stuff on Manning’s surgery

Must read on Rodgers, because of the amazing Manning stats from our boy Scott Kacsmar

Kuharsky with great questions about Manning

More Kuharsky musings-some questions aren’t fair

So this is how it ends? (good read)

Dungy to council Peyton’s neck

More medical stuff

A video from ESPN that refuses to embed

Finally, a must read from Better Living…

All this content is stuff that’s great for fans. Now, thanks to Todd, it’ll be back on moving forward. Kudos.