Kravitz and I Completely Agree

I might have to reevaluate my life.

It may result in wide-spread panic, but Bob Kravitz and I are in lockstep, 100% agreement:

I hear the argument and understand it: The window of opportunity is closing. The marquee players are getting up there in age, and there’s ample concern about the health of Manning.

But it’s too early to panic or drop-kick a tried-and-true philosophy. Every year, we head into camp concerned about this, concerned about that, and then somebody who played sparingly the year before, or some no-name rookie free agent out of Where’s That State, emerges and becomes a major contributor.

The fact is that it’s way too early to mortgage the future. Manning is about to sign a 5 or 6 year deal. Three years is an eternity in the NFL, let alone 6. When the Colts get to year five or year six, they can spend stupid money on whoever they want. Bottoming out after Manning for a year is a great way to get a top pick and a new franchise quarterback. Pull that trigger too soon, and the Colts will waste his final seasons.

Kravitz nails free agency as well:

Every March (in a normal year), the league’s other 31 teams go nuts, throwing money — sometimes stupid money — at free agents, generating all the big headlines while appeasing their fan base. The Washington Redskins routinely toss cash at undeserving free agents, get their fans all hot and bothered, then go 6-10 every season.

The Colts?

They re-sign most of their own guys.

His message (and mine): stay cool, Colts fans.