Indy Acts Like They Know

I want to call attention to this piece by Scott Bolander on Blue Sunday. In it, he argues the Colts act like a team that knows Manning will play week one.

There are several reasons this might be going on.  It could be because of the revolving door at WR.  It could be simple incompetence by the non-Manning QBs in the game.  It could be that they are just trying to stay as vanilla as possible.

Or it could be that they know that Manning will be in there week one and they are not even practicing a non-Manning offense in camp.

I made this same point on the radio yesterday. If there was any chance at all Manning wasn’t going to play, the Colts should be spending all their time building a run-heavy two tight end offense to take pressure off a veteran backup. The fact is that the Colts have come out throwing more often than not. The Colts offense doesn’t resemble the kind of system that would promote low-scoring tight victories.

If Manning does miss time, then the Colts have done a seriously poor job of preparing for the event. The fact that they are prepping the way they are with the players they have at quarterback means that they are either totally incompetent or simply completely convinced Manning is coming back.

I believe they know what so many seem to be saying: there’s absolutely no chance Manning misses week one.